Tasty and beautiful freeze-dried fruit

FruColle traps the fresh fragrance and flavor of choice fruits from Japan and other countries. FruColle also maintains beautiful colors and shapes. Once bite, and you'll fall in love with the crisp texture followed by a mouthful of juicy fragrance and deep flavor.

Add some color to your everyday life

You can eat it as-is and add your favorite FruColle to yogurt, smoothies and teas. FruColle makes your daily life a little more luxury.

Fruit granola

With granola, you can enjoy the beautiful colors and shapes of freeze-dried fruit as-is. Add a new texture to your usual breakfast to make it even more delicious.

Flavored tea

Adding water restores freeze-dried fruit almost to its original state for a more juicy taste. Add some fruit to your tea depending on how you feel on a particular day.

Fruit toast

Spread some fruit sugar and freeze-dried fruit on buttered bread and toast it. Put sugar and fruits on top just before you eat to enjoy the crispy texture.


Add fruit sugar and dried flowers to a bottle and pour in some wine. Wait three hours to half a day to enjoy fruity wine. You can add also it to your favorite drink ,such as carbonated water or Japanese sake.

Company Profile

Corporate Name Frucolle Co., Ltd.
Founded July 2018
Representative Sachi Oshima, President
Employees 5
Address 30-26, Iizukacho, Fukui-shi, Fukui, 918-8067, Japan
Tel.+81-776-60-0080 / Fax.+81-776-63-5250